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New Headphones Help You Relax

Many of us listen to music when we are bored. And some of us listen to soothing music to relax. But now, we can purchase headphones that were built specifically for this purpose. Melomind is not just another pair of headphones; it includes several electroencephalographic sensors that track the activity of your brain.

Just like most gadgets, Melomind pairs with your smartphone by making use of a Bluetooth connection. And once the companion app is installed, you can easily start a session, which begins with a calm, pleasant voice that will talk to you, and is then followed by relaxation music.

Melomind will track the activity of your brain and deliver music accordingly, depending on the measured levels of stress. According to its makers, the device will help you feel relaxed after just five minutes of usage.

Launched initially on Kickstarter, the intelligent headphones have quickly gathered about $200,000 – over 300% more in comparison with the initial goal.


New Google Classroom Features

When you come to think about it, Google offers several free services that are really useful. Sure, some of them will collect user data, helping Google make money, but this is how businesses are supposed to work, after all.

Take Google Classroom, for example. It is a platform that targets people who are involved in education. The platform was launched back in 2014, and since then it has received several updates that have made it better and better. I am talking about a new user-friendly interface, as well as a variety of new tools that will help children and students learn more and faster.

Of course, not every child is the same. Not all of them are able to learn at the same pace, for example. Google understands that, so one of the new Classroom features allows teachers to assign different homeworks to different kids. Basically, a child will get a new homework depending on his or her ability to learn and accomplish various tasks. Adjustments can be made during the process, with the final goal of getting all students at the same destination.

And that’s not all! Notifications help teachers keep in touch with students at all time. This way, they will be able to find out if students have sent their work late, or if a particular assignment has been resubmitted. This feature has already proved to be very helpful for grading student work.

Another new Google Classroom feature is its ability to send email summaries. This way, parents can easily verify and keep track of their children’s assignments and other class activities. Parents are able to get daily or weekly summaries, and teachers can send them homework, can post grades or invite them to get involved in different school projects.

Google Classroom will also help teachers and students jot down all kinds of ideas and diagrams. The new annotation tool allows students to sketch math problems, write a quick answer or test ideas for a musical composition, for example.

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